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Project in Bollaltebygget

The first roof project in the year 2020th was put for a one Bollaltebygget historical building. Last year I have put a little straw roof there but now was time to use straw produced by me. The Bollaltebygget is a historical group of buildings arranged in a rectangular shape with a yard inside. The historical value is also that all buildings have the straw roofs and everything from wooden constructions. One more special thing is that on a top of the roofs are locally growing heather.

A project manager is Sten Nilsson but I was proud of laying the straw roof. The roofing included to take off old straw, repair lathing, put on new rye straw and on a top local heather. I started project 24th of February and the roof was ready 18th of March. To repair lathing we used own made spruce roof battens. The heather grows nearby, there is nature reserves, and it was allowed to take them. The rye straw was put on a roof and tied up with a hazel wood and own tarred hemp rope. The roofs replacement will continue in the coming years.


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