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The reed roof with character

In April we continued a reed roof in a town Båstad - the west coast of Sweden.

There are a lot of houses with the nice, traditional roof windows in Sweden. This house was rebuilt with a new attached part. Now it is a reed roof on the old house part, but originally it was straw roof - 200 years ago.

With the help of architect new roof windows that match the old building were designed. The skilled carpenters from company “Hjalmarssons Bygg” prepared and built the roof construction according to the requirements of reed roofs. Also nice communication and cooperation throughout the process of creating a roof!

The reed roof with connection, transition, different heights elements and different roof windows.

To the thatcher team - Ansis, Brenda, me – joined by a young apprentice, Bernhard, who are interested to learn to thatch reed roofs.

New building with reed roof character looks fantastic and everybody is satisfied - we and owners!


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