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Reed roof in Lilla Edet

One of a company operating direction are thatched roofs, not only of straw but also reed. In March it was started one very big reed roof in a town Lilla Edet near Gothenburg. Nice building is on the side of the road and is very visible with reed roof of 1600 sq.m. There is a restaurant and a hotel in the building.

This year we have changed 1/3 of the roof on a side to a river. The thatched roof is with big, nice roof windows and with different angles.

As one of the largest reed roofs in Sweden my company could not do without the help of colleagues. It was really a powerful team: Joar, Samuel, Olle, Nills, Jens, Ansis, Kristaps and me. The works were carried out strictly in accordance with work safety requirements and efficiently with precise work planning. I can add that the weather conditions were 100% perfect, no rain when we have worked. As usual there are many people around the restaurant and hotel and they showed great interest in thatched roof and our work. There was also a publication in the newspaper of the Trollhattan region.

Big thanks to my team for the work done, also to the Rasta restaurant staff for the coffee breaks and the nice service.


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