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The reed roof for Rasta in Lilla Edet is done

In March we continued reed roof in a town Lilla Edet near Gothenburg. This year we changed last 1/3 of the roof. It was nothing new for us to thatch roof with big roof windows.

A more interesting thing was to build the roof finish with tin sheets. There are not many houses in Sweden with tin metal sheets on a top. Lilla Edet’s Rasta will be one-of-a-kind building with special character - reed roof with tin metal on a top.

Big thanks to the powerful team - Joar, Samuel, Olle, Kristaps, Jānis and joined by a trainee - Bernhard. We are satisfied with the work.

Also big thanks to the Rasta restaurant staff for the coffee breaks, the nice service and positive atmosphere.

Janis ECO B&C company is not afraid to take so big projects (1500 m2) again!

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