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Reed and straw roofs in autumn 2022

In the September we continued project in Lilla Edet hotel. It was done 150 sq.m new reed roof.

In the October we did a straw roof renovation In Askhult. Almoust 200 sq.m a new straw roof was done together with Joar, Frank, Andreas, Ansis and Kristaps. The straw roof was put on the old roof and tied up with the birch wicker. We had big interest of this job and get reportage about the work in Askhult in the Swedish journal “Land”

In late October and November we continued straw roof project in Bollaltebygget. It was 200 sq.m of the roof was replaced. The straw on the roof was tied with birch wicker.

Some roof construction was repaired strictly following traditional construction methods- spruce wood fixed with wooden pegs.


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